Standard Health Care Plan

Anthem Benefits Booklet

Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Standard Plan

Health Plan Premium Rates

The Standard Plan covers routine services at 100%. Prescription drugs and physician office visits are covered with a small flat dollar co-pay. For some in-network services, you are required to meet an annual deductible before the Plan’s 75% coverage is applicable.

Although the Standard Plan does provide coverage if you use out-of-network providers, you must first meet a $10,000 single, or $30,000 family, annual deductible before coverage is applicable.  


Express Scripts is the Pharmacy Benefits Manger (PBM) for Ivy Tech Community College. Participants covered under the Standard Plan pay copays (not subject to deductibles) for prescription medications. There is a small group of preventive medications covered with no copay when utilizing an in-network pharmacy.

 Preventive Medication List


If you are a Full-Time employee, you are eligible to enroll for health insurance. You may also enroll your eligible dependents for coverage. All eligible employees can enroll for employee, employee plus spouse, employee plus child(ren), or family coverage within 31 days of their hire date or during the annual open enrollment period.
If your spouse is employed and is eligible for an employer-sponsored health plan (i.e., preventive care, major medical, and prescription drug) at his or her place of employment, your spouse will not be entitled to primary coverage under the Ivy Tech plans.  If your spouse elects to enroll in his or her employer’s health plan for at least "employee only" coverage, then your spouse may also be covered by the College’s plan on a secondary coverage basis. For more information, please see the Dependent Eligibility Certification and Validation (Dep. Elig. Cert/Validation) link on the left of the page.

Employees also have 31 days from a qualifying event to make changes to their coverage. See your Human Resources Administrator for more information.

Non-disabled dependent children are eligible for coverage to the end of the month in which the child reaches age 26. See your Human Resources Administrator for more information.


The College pays a majority of the premium expense for health coverage for you and any eligible dependents you elect to enroll. You pay the remaining portion of the premium expense by payroll deduction.  In addition, the Tax Saver Program lets you make these payroll deductions on a before-tax basis. For more information on Tax Saver, see the chapter entitled Other Benefits.