Castlight is available to all employees with health coverage in either
the Choice Plan or the Standard Plan.

Introducing Castlight Health

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Castlight is an exclusive new benefit that provides
you with the tools you need to find a high-quality
doctor at an affordable price. When you use
Castlight’s service online or over the phone, you
can compare all of your options and save money
by choosing doctors or hospitals that have lower
prices and higher quality ratings. You will no
longer have to wait for the bill to come weeks or
months after your visit to know how much you
have to pay. You’ll know before you go!

Castlight Health makes it easy to compare your
options on price, quality ratings, and convenience
so you can make smart health care decisions for
your family.

You and your family can use Castlight online,
on your smart phone, or by calling the Castlight
support team to:
• Compare doctors and medical services.
• See price estimates before you go to the doctor.
• Review detailed explanations of past medical
• Receive personalized recommendations.

The health care system can be complex and
confusing, but with Castlight you’re in control.
Castlight gives you personalized information right
at your fingertips based on your health plan,
and whether or not you’ve already paid your
deductible. We know that quality and cost are
not always connected in healthcare, and Castlight
will help you work with your doctor to make the
best health care decisions for you and your family
based on recommendations, cost, quality, and

Know On The Go With Castlight Health

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