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The College continually explores new ways to improve and manage your employee benefits. Our primary goal is to provide you, our employee, with the opportunity to receive quality health care services at a reasonable cost to you and your family.

The College offers a choice between two health insurance plans – the Standard Plan (PPO), and the Choice Plan (HDHP/HSA). Both of these plans offer access to a very broad network of providers in Indiana through the Anthem Blue Access PPO network, and out-of-state providers through Anthem’s BlueCard program. In addition to the health insurance programs, Ivy Tech is excited about a new health care consumer tool called Castlight which revolutionizes the way health care is consumed. This tool provides you with information on both the cost and quality of care. Both you and your dependents can utilize less expensive care while achieving better outcomes. Please see the plan summary for each plan to determine specific benefits. 

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Anthem 360 Degree Health Programs (available to all health care plan participants)

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